Manufacturing of Carbon-Phenolic and Carbon Epoxy Based Prepreg Materials Used for the Production Of Advanced Technology Composites Pre-impregnated reinforcement materials, namely prepregs are used extensively in the composite industry due to their homogeneous and well-controlled resin content which gives them high fiber volume content.

The pre-impregnation process consists of the controlled heating of various reinforcement materials with either thermoset or thermoplastic polymers in a controlled environment. The demand for prepreg materials is increasing constantly due to the astonishing evolution of the high tech materials required by industries such as aviation, defense and energy in recent years.

Reports prepared by independent international institutions indicate that the worldwide prepreg market will reach a volume of USD 7.29 billion by the year 2017. In the project realized with the support of KOSGEB (Organisation for Development of SMEs) a new generation production line was designed and installed for the first time in Turkey to manufacture the pre impregnated carbon-phenolic and carbon-epoxy based technical fabrics. A young and dynamic engineering team was assembled to realize this project and very successful results were obtained on a surprisingly short period of time; 14 months. The designed and installed production line within this project has the capacity to manufacture prepreg bands from 2.5 to 5 cm widths. The schematic reproduction of the production line can be seen below.

The basic scheme of Pre-preg production line

Our carbon-phenolic and carbon epoxy prepreg materials can be used in many vitally important sectors such as defence (as engine body and nozzle parts), aviation (as structural parts of planes and helicopters), construction (as reinforcement material), navigation (as main body parts of sailboats) and energy (as wind turbine blades).

Carbon-phenolic and carbon-epoxy prepreg materials were subjected to characterization tests according to ASTM D3529/ D3529 M, ASTM D3530/D3530 M, ASTM D3531/D3531 M and BS EN ISO 13934-1 standards.

Technical Properties of Carbon-Phenolic Prepregs

Solid Resin Content (w.%): 30 – 32

Porosity (%): 5

Filler Content (%): 3

Plasticity (25°C, 700 kPa): 3 – 5

Technical Properties of Carbon-Epoxy Prepregs

Solid Resin Content (w. %): 32 – 34

Porosity (%): 4

Filler Content (%): 3

Plasticity (25°C, 700 kPa): 1 – 3